MilanStadtkrone 2030 Lambrate District:
archi-urban hyper-buildings:

Living over the clouds Urban Concept The urban concept deals with sawing the two quarters divided by the railway tracks between the two big streets, that connect the highway with the inside structure of Milan.

We propose to prolong the lower street, Via Raffaele Rubattino, create tunnels and use the space underneath the railways as a commercial boulevard, opened to both quarters in connection with the ground floor at the right side of the tracks. This side will become a new residential area, with high rises, giving housing for 25.000 people, plus office, retail, kindergarten, wellness and leisure services. The ground floor plan will serve for public use, like shops, bars, restaurants and the tower entries, while the platform situated at 32 meters will be a semi-privative zone, with restricted services for the tower inhabitants. Being on this platform offers them a general view of the Milan surrounding top flats and the existing high rises, and the Duomo.

The connection between the inner city of Milan and the new Lambrate housing quarter will be on three levels: on the ground floor level through the opening of streets and direct access, as well as the view through the glass facades of the commercial boulevard underneath the railways, on the platform level the above mentioned view and on the high rise levels the view over Milan and outer Milan landscapes. This way Lambrate will also become a visual icon for Milan. It will be recognized from all over as part of the Milan Stadtkrone 2030.

Hexagonal disposition scheme. The high rise towers are disposed on the site following a hexagonal grid of 80 meters. We have opened the hexagonal grid, permitting to dialog with the surrounding streets, creating wider and smaller open spaces to give continuity to the city. This pattern can be thought about as a general urban grid, extendible to other neighborhoods of the sub urban areas around the Milan Stadtkrone. What makes the difference between Lambrate and the typical suburbia is precisely the way in which the hexagonal grid is broken. There is an analogy between the radial development of the city of Milan and the hexagonal structure, which can be understood as a city’s growth densification, flexible enough for different situations.

The skins of the façade The skin in an ambience sequence which generates an atmosphere of oxygen and ideal humidity grade. The exterior skin is conceived in four layers. The sequence from inside to outside will be the following: a glass layer with a first protecting lattice, a second layer of plants followed by a third layer of a fiber optic lattice and finally a last layer, which also is a lattice, that holds the atmosphere water collector. This last layer will absorb the necessary water from the air for irrigating the plants. The rest of water will be brought to a container, situated at the open air intermediate floors between the housing, which besides serving as a technical floor, could also be used as a community vegetable and flower garden. This superposition of lattices will give to the facades beneficial greenhouse solution; cool during summer times and cold weather insulation during winter.

Sustainability of Hyper model towers.

- Solar and photovoltaic panels.
- Geo- thermal energy
- Exterior skin atmosphere water collector panels
- Optic fiber

_00 tunels berlín
_01 jardins verticals
_01 tomihiro museum
_03 fontana[Re]mix
_03 m@pmalgrat
_89 sant andreu llavaneres
_90 escola+ bombers vila olímpica
_90 graphic design offices
_90 vivienda social av. icaria
_91 flauta mágica
_91 mitgera pàdua
_91 piscina sant andreu
_92 pabellón artes
_97 bombers tirol
_92/95 torre del reloj
_88 fontana mix
_04 mitgera jarDna badalona

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_06 skyscraper VenusBcn


_06 rcr & congoritme badalona
_06 rcr & congoritme formentera
_06 rcr & congoritme layetana
_07 CEIP morfojoc
_07 escola bressol rubí
_07 piscina premia
_08 Geome(EKA)tria
_10 Milan StadtKrone




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