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The swimming pool is planned as a succession of land-strips with a direction from the mountain towards the sea, which are parallel to the connection road of the highway opening up widely towards the football fields. The access is situated in the Passeig de Can Balet, in the right part of the site, which opens up towards the rotunda. From this point, one has the view towards the coastal strip of the Maresme. The parking is situated next to the Passeig Balet, creating a green zone, separating the street from the architectural complex.

The existing level difference between the street and the plot is used in order to place a contention wall, which is a balcony with a view towards the sea, next to a vertical garden, providing continuity with the extraordinary greenery of the mountains located at the back. Once passing from this point, a whole water world opens up to us, that begins with an open and shallow swimming pool connected to the exterior swimming pools with a cascade. The water of these exterior pools forms two circuits of renovation and filtering: one natural with river stones and plants, and a more conventional one with chemical products. We are at the level over the changing rooms, looking towards the flat roof of the interior pools. It is a space, with a slight inclination and used as a solarium during the summer, has a dynamic inflection point, which allows us to descent until the inferior water level, through a more inclined surface and steps.

The superior pool has skylights that provide light which will illuminate the zones of the showers with water reflections, and combined with the exterior pools will give one the impression that he/she is in and under water. On the other hand, the floor of the gym will be made of glass above the exterior pool. The will give us the sensation of exercising above water.

The entrance is situated at the highest point of the plot, at the level of 77,5m. At this point, a closed volume arises towards the connecting road, providing the possibility of creating an interior world of pools. The building corresponding to the first strip, provides access to the inferior pools, and consists of: control spaces, the staircase, the bathrooms, the elevator, the administration and the bar-cafeteria. On the level below, semi-underground, we can proceed towards the changing rooms and showers, to the Jacuzzi zone and gym. This would be the second strip, from which we can proceed to the third built strip, where we find the two covered pools, one for adults and one for children. Outside we have situated the children’s’ play-zone and the grass zone, limited by the exterior pool, which also plays the role of a fence. In this inferior level, we continue to be above the football fields, at level 73,1m. This will give us the possibility to watch the matches from the water.

According to the materiality, concrete is used for the structure, the walls and the pavement. All the interior space of the pools is covered with a resin coat, which has a glass aspect and provides reflections. This will provide the concrete structure with isolation against water condensation. It will also give the possibility to have fluorescent light placed between the structure, the facade and roof openings, which will provide a diffused light. These perforations are 80cm deep and have different inclination points, which have been carefully studied in order to capture the light in different moments of the day. All this permits to give a good solar protection on the south- east closing wall, and obtain changing light effects in the pool’s interior.

Water causes earth erosion provoking perforations towards the interiors of the concrete enclosure. Colonies of small shells are placed on the flat roofs, in a way that they remind the seawater and submarine world, which is the ultimate intention of this project.



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