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Catalonia at Sevilla
To exhibit and to expose yourself: the box inside the box

While serving as a venue for other exhibits the Catalan Pavilion was also an exhibition in and of itself. Our exhibition wants to show this duplicity of functions and it tries to open a discussion about the nature and the meaning of the Universal Exhibition´s architecture. At what point does this kind of construction have to be ephemeral? But it also includes the question at what point is it utopian to discuss dismantled buildings without talking in astronomical prices.
The exhibition shows on one hand that the project for the Catalan Pavilion designed by architects Pere Llimona and Xavier Ruiz Vallés is understood as the process of the work of construction. On the other hand it intends to give information about the different content exposed in the pavilion.

Acting as a frame of reference and a connecting link for all this information, an interior space has been reconstructed thereby recreating the part of the pavilion originally planned to receive the thematic exhibitions, including the architectural one.




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